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Asset distribution

Have you ever wondered how your wealth is distributed across different asset classes?

At DiverInvest, we will help you distribute your wealth in an efficient way, diversifying risks and considering often overlooked aspects.

Thus, an ideal strategic approach will encompass both listed and unlisted financial assets, such as private equity, real estate or art, among others.

Foundations, congregations and institutions

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ESG Investments

Since its beginning, DiverInvest has conducted its activities with a strong social and sustainability focus. In 2019, we voluntarily started reporting to thePrinciples for Responsible Investment (PRI). Additionally, we have embraced the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) categorization, applying specific values to our recommendations and extending them to our company’s governance.

Furthermore, at DiverInvest, we have introduced the concept of the Responsible Investor, who opts for impact investing in social and/or environmental aspects to contribute to improving society without sacrificing financial returns.

Individuals and companies

Tailored investments

Decision-making factors

As investors, you face a daily influx of information which can create uncertainty in wealth decisions. These situations often generate social pressure, biased judgments, and sometimes overconfidence. Depending on your specific risk aversion, these inputs could lead to inappropriate decisions.

DiverInvest’s role is to accompany you in this decision-making process. We provide our rational perspective amidst market fluctuations and consistently align ourselves with your goals as Independent Financial Advisers (IFA).

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