Tailored investments with a global perspective

Estate planning

Financial and real estate advice

Aligned with your objectives

As an independent financial advisory firm, we align ourselves with your profitability goals. We provide fully personalized advice and ongoing portfolio monitoring, considering your investment profile and addressing your needs, objectives, and timelines.

Financial and real estate investments

We seek the best options based on your profile, return expectations, and preferences regarding sustainability criteria. We select products to create a customized, diversified, and balanced portfolio. Our analysis covers a broad range of national and international financial, real estate, and private equity products.

360° service

Investing in assets goes beyond the product itself. It is crucial to choose the right custodians based on service, cost, and overall portfolio, as well as the assets in which to invest, considering their tax implications and the savings they can generate. In this regard, we offer you a wide selection of national and international banks, assistance for closing or opening new bank accounts, and investment options based on cost criteria, among other services.

Periodic reports

We generate investment reports periodically, consolidating your portfolios and providing an overview of your financial situation. These reports are accompanied by a brief analysis of the period's events, covering also sustainability aspects of your portfolio.

Tax and legal advice

Seeking tax improvements

Good wealth planning or advice would be incomplete without addressing the tax aspects of our recommendations. At DiverInvest, our tax advisory department analyzes the taxation of the financial products we recommend within the specific context of each client. Additionally, we offer an analysis service of your wealth situation to provide proposals for tax improvement.

Strategically tailored planning

Tax and legal advice go beyond investment portfolios. Every wealth is unique and has specific characteristics that we study individually. We provide comprehensive advice with the goal of achieving an economically and fiscally efficient wealth structure, capable of facing both current and future challenges.

Recurring and one-time services

Our team of lawyers and economists also provides commercial and civil advice on specific issues that may arise, such as real estate investments, succession planning, and more. They also handle recurring tax services, such as income and wealth tax declarations or tax models from various public entities.

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