Analysis of the client’s Overall Financial Situation

  • Analysis of the portfolio under the guidance by DiverInvest.
  • Analysis of other property assets of the client (furnishings not advised by DiverInvest, property, corporate structures…).
  • Study of the annual tax cost of the client’s Overall Assets (Income and Assets).
  • Analysis of inheritance planning.


Identification of the possible needs of the client

  • Detection of possible tax inefficiencies in the client’s current asset structure.
  • Identification of tax improvements that allow minimising the cost of the Wealth Tax and the Tax on Inheritance and Donations.
  • Evaluation of the possibility of creating a Holding company, with the aim of obtaining a tax savings in the Wealth Tax and the Inheritance and Gift Tax.
  • Identification of the need to make or modify the inheritance planning.


Proposals for tax improvement

In collaboration with the tax advisors of the clients:

    • Proposals aimed at reducing the client’s yearly “tax bill”:
      • Contributions to Pension Schemes
      • Compensation of income (income, asset gains and losses)
      • Optimisation of joint tax cost of Income Tax and the Wealth Tax, controlling portfolio returns and assets for the purpose of the Income Tax-Wealth Tax joint limit (Spanish acronyms IRPF-IP).
    • Proposals for tax planning involving a tax saving in the Wealth Tax and in the Inheritance and Gift Tax (exemption of business assets and holdings in entities).
    • Proposals for corporate restructuring operations to optimise the client’s tax cost and obtain tax efficient structures.

Other services

Other tax consultancy services

  • Recurrent tax advice to DiverInvest clients.
  • Collaboration with the tax advisers of clients for preparation of Income Tax and Wealth Statements, Foreign Assets and Income Statement (Model 720) and other tax statements (ETE form, model D-6).
  • Support to the Real Estate Advice department.
  • Establishment of a “tax calendar” for sending tax information that enables clients to meet their tax obligations in the legally established terms.
  • Support in the control of costs of the client portfolio.