Mark Mobius at DiverInvest

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FullSizeRender We have had the pleasure to have in DiverInvest,
Mark Mobius, Executive President at Templeton Emerging Markets group. It is considerate the best Asia’s manager and one of the 10 best manager in the world

He and his team manage over USD 50Bn.
He has written several books on emerging markets, one of them know as “Trading with China” or “The Little book of emerging markets”.

At His tour in Barcelona , Mark Mobius has found a moment to be at DiverInvest, Where I ‘ve made ​​a privat conference About His vision of the overall market , Especially About Asiatic market: Asia, the future in XXI Century?

In his speech he has emphasized the future of the Asian Markets and has mentioned that the inflation will not increase because internet make cheaper the trade market. And the Central Banks have the mandate to control the inflation! where now turns to desinflation!
Mark has Praised have the Zara’s model and He has mentioned that in Developed Markets, banks do not give loans .

He has finalized his speech telling that the future will be in zones where population will increase and the trend is that when a country is becoming rich, people get marriage late and have less kids.

In Africa, where the population has increased more than 1,2 billion, the habitants have a brillant future.