Who is it for

Any individual or family group who wants to increase their Savings with the help of a team of professionals that will help them to understand their portfolios and financial markets.


1- Financial Planning

At DiverInvest we provide custom advisory and asset monitoring services based on the investment profile, needs, objectives and specific time frames defined by the customer. We develop a short-, medium- and long-term strategy with a global perspective and a high level of diversification. To this end, it is crucial to know the customer’s individual goals: What are our life projects? Do we want our wealth to remain united over multiple generations? What risk levels are we willing to assume? How much do we have to save for: retirement, children’s education, purchase of a second residence,…?

2- Investment portfolios

DiverInvest accompanies the customer throughout the entire investment process. We coordinate the process with banks to facilitate implementation and monitoring of investments, always prioritising the offering of recommendations that best adapt to the investor’s profile.

3- Portfolio audits

There are two main points in what we call portfolio audits: on the one hand, risk control and, on the other, cost control. Risk control is a crucial factor in our investment process and is applied in a rigorous and methodical manner, periodically and ad hoc, in accordance with market circumstances. Also, at DiverInvest we are committed to diversification as an effective tool for said control.

At the same time, we negotiate commission fees with banks, verify costs and the agreed-upon terms and conditions to minimise the costs of each investment.

4- Reporting

DiverInvest has a tool that offers a global vision of the customer’s portfolio. Additionally, it allows us to group together all the banks and monitor portfolio positions, obtaining updated information to perform in-depth portfolio analysis and aid the investment decision-making process.


Tell us more about yourself

Each financial situation is different: together we will analyse your current assets and liabilities and address your concerns. We will design an investment plan tailored to your needs and will propose a new portfolio that will allow you to achieve your objectives.


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