Impact Investing at IESE

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ponencia This morning it has took place at IESE Business School of Barcelona an event about Impact Investing. These investments are looking not only an economic profitability but also impact in the society .

Joan Fontrodona, Professor of Ethics of IESE with David Levy, director of DiverInvest , have Explained the concepts , typologies and the assets structure as well as Their Strengths and weaknesses.

As guests speakers also have assisted Néstor oller from Netri Foundation and three managers of impact investing: Bamboo finance, Gawa Capital and responsAbility.

In this event have attended almost hundred people, Investors and also representatives of Foundations.

The managers with Netri Foundation have gave an example of real cases from people who thanks at the Microcredits have created a small business, even they employed two more people.

On this link you can find the Paper made by IESE and DiverInvest about the Impact Investing concept.

Paper Impact Investing