Who do we advise?

Individuals and family groups

Our clients value our experience, confidentiality, transparency and integrity. DiverInvest has the responsibility and the privilege to help individuals and families to make sure their wealth will go from generation to generation. We look for the interests of our clients– short and long term. Wherever they are.

The ability to fulfill their expectations and to exceed them, as well as the real commitment we have with each client is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Risk management is an essential piece in our investment process, applying it in a rigorous and methodical fashion, regularly and ad-hoc according to market circumstances.

Our financial advisory service is a unique model we can offer thanks to our own methodology. Moreover, if you are and individual or represent a family group, we offer:

El nostre servei d’assessorament financer és un model únic que podem oferir gràcies a una metodologia pròpia. A demés, si vostè es un individu o bé representa a un grup familiar, li podem oferir:

  • Family counseling
  • Analysis and tracking
  • Discretionary Mandate
  • Tax Advice
  • Global Reporting
  • Philanthropy
Entrepreneurs and company managers

DiverInvest works side by side with renowned entrepreneurs and managers to professionally implement the control and tracking of their liquids assets.

The lack of time often makes this a complex task. Thanks to us and to our philosophy of being part of the client’s team, we bring value and make it easier to achieve the common objectives.

The cash flow and liquidity management is a priority that should be addressed with a low risk profile. It is paramount to have a medium term objective, with a global perspective and a high diversification level. Moreover, we look for assets with low correlation a good price profile in any type of market condition.

For executives with a high share concentration in listed companies, we provide tailored strategies in order to hedge specific risks (Single Stock Strategy).

If you are an entrepreneur or a manager, in addition of our methodical and unique work, we offer:

  • Cash Management Advice
  • Alternative investments
  • Global Reporting
  • Audit
  • Cost control
  • Evaluation of Projects
Institutions and foundations

With more than 100 years of experience, DiverInvest has the right framework to advice Institutions and Foundations in a responsible manner.

We have developed the ‘responsible investor’ figure where all clients of DiverInvest have to follow an ethics and moral criteria before establishing their investment strategies.

Wealth preservation coupled with an attractive yield is possible when combined with a global perspective and deep analysis.

Thanks to a customized asset allocation model and our high risk control, we strive to fulfil the goals of your organization.

If you represent an Institution or Foundation, in addition to our financial advisory services we provide the following services:

  • Asset allocation model
  • Cash Management
  • Alternative investments
  • Macroeconomic Advice
  • Global Reporting
  • Risk control