Financial Advisor

DiverInvest, a leading company at the national level, offers a personalized global financial advisory service on the entire client’s assets.
A unique integral service to preserve the client’s wealth in a professional, independent and responsible manner.
Our financial advice consists of three complementary stages.

Financial Planner

An initial stage which analizes the investment profile of the investor. We try to innovate in the financial solutions we offer . The current macroeconomic and financial conditions worldwide, force us to be creative in the ideas and products we offer.

Invesment portfolio

DiverInvest will monitor the client during all the investment process. We will coordinate directly with the banks to facilitate the implementation and the monitoring of all the invesments. We will allways aim to offer the best advice.

Audit Portfolio
DiverInvest’s reporting offers a holistic approach to the client’s portfolio. Risk control is crucial in our investment process, applying it in a rigurous and methodical fashion and ad-hoc according to market circumstances. We negotiate the fees, check the costs, and ensure the agreed conditions are implemented for each investment.


The financial advisory service detail is
Study of the client’s portfolio
Long term financial planning
Personal investment policy
Actual investment proposal
Direct contact with Banks
Analysis and recomendation of investment ideas.
Funds recomendation, shares, bonds, ETF’s…
Investment implementation
Monitoring of products
Global reporting
Asset Allocation Rebalancing
Risk control
Cost control
Fee negotiation with banks